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ALE Swift Integration *ale-swift-options*
apple-swift-format *ale-swift-apple-swift-format*
There are 3 options to enable linting and fixing with Apple's swift-format:
1. Install the local executable in your path, as described here:
2. Install the executable via your OS package manager, for instance via
Homebrew with `brew install swift-format`
3. Your Swift project has a dependency on the swift-format package, so it can
be run with `swift run swift-format lint ...` In this case, you need to set
a variable, see |g:ale_swift_appleswiftformat_use_swiftpm|.
Additionally, ALE tries to locate and use the nearest existing `.swift-format`
configuration file.
g:ale_swift_appleswiftformat_executable *g:ale_swift_appleswiftformat_executable*
Type: |String|
Default: `'swift-format'`
This variable can be modified to change the executable path for
g:ale_swift_appleswiftformat_use_swiftpm *g:ale_swift_appleswiftformat_use_swiftpm*
Type: |Number|
Default: `0`
When set to `1`, this option will cause ALE to use
`swift run swift-format lint ...` instead of the global executable. Use this
option if your Swift project has a dependency on the swift-format package.
See |ale-integrations-local-executables|
sourcekitlsp *ale-swift-sourcekitlsp*
To enable the SourceKit-LSP you need to install and build the executable as
described here: https://github.com/apple/sourcekit-lsp#building-sourcekit-lsp
g:ale_sourcekit_lsp_executable *g:ale_sourcekit_lsp_executable*
Type: |String|
Default: `'sourcekit-lsp'`
See |ale-integrations-local-executables|