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ALE Perl6 Integration *ale-perl6-options*
Checking code with `perl6` is disabled by default, as `perl6` code cannot be
checked without executing it. Specifically, we use the `-c` flag to see if
`perl6` code compiles. This does not execute all of the code in a file, but it
does run `BEGIN` and `CHECK` blocks. See `perl6 --help`
Full support requires a perl6 implementation that supports the
PERL6_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER environment variable and JSON error output,
which was specified in 6.d. Rakudo version 2018.08 is the first rakudo release
that supports this. See `perl6 --version` and
Without this variable, errors and warnings will appear at line 1, and can be
viewed with ALEDetail. This also serves as a fallback for errors and warnings
that do not trigger JSON output.
See |g:ale_linters|.
perl6 *ale-perl6-perl6*
g:ale_perl6_perl6_executable *g:ale_perl6_perl6_executable*
Type: |String|
Default: `'perl6'`
This variable can be changed to modify the executable used for linting
g:ale_perl6_perl6_options *g:ale_perl6_perl6_options*
Type: |String|
Default: `'-c -Ilib'`
This variable can be changed to alter the command-line arguments to the
perl6 invocation.