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ALE Git Commit Integration *ale-gitcommit-options*
gitlint *ale-gitcommit-gitlint*
g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_executable *g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_executable*
Type: |String|
Default: `'gitlint'`
This variable can be changed to modify the executable used for gitlint.
g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_options *g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_options*
Type: |String|
Default: `''`
This variable can be changed to add command-line arguments to the gitlint
invocation. For example, you can specify the path to a configuration file. >
let g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_options = '-C /home/user/.config/gitlint.ini'
You can also disable particular error codes using this option. For example,
you can ignore errors for git commits with a missing body. >
let g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_options = '--ignore B6'
g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_use_global *g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_use_global*
Type: |Number|
Default: `get(g:, 'ale_use_global_executables', 0)`
This variable controls whether or not ALE will search for gitlint in a
virtualenv directory first. If this variable is set to `1`, then ALE will
always use |g:ale_gitcommit_gitlint_executable| for the executable path.
Both variables can be set with `b:` buffer variables instead.