The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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" Author: w0rp <>
" Description: "dmd for D files"
function! s:FindDUBConfig(buffer) abort
" Find a DUB configuration file in ancestor paths.
" The most DUB-specific names will be tried first.
for l:possible_filename in ['dub.sdl', 'dub.json', 'package.json']
let l:dub_file = ale#path#FindNearestFile(a:buffer, l:possible_filename)
if !empty(l:dub_file)
return l:dub_file
return ''
function! ale_linters#d#dmd#DUBCommand(buffer) abort
" If we can't run dub, then skip this command.
if !executable('dub')
" Returning an empty string skips to the DMD command.
return ''
let l:dub_file = s:FindDUBConfig(a:buffer)
if empty(l:dub_file)
return ''
" To support older dub versions, we just change the directory to
" the directory where we found the dub config, and then run `dub describe`
" from that directory.
return 'cd ' . ale#Escape(fnamemodify(l:dub_file, ':h'))
\ . ' && dub describe --import-paths'
function! ale_linters#d#dmd#DMDCommand(buffer, dub_output) abort
let l:import_list = []
" Build a list of import paths generated from DUB, if available.
for l:line in a:dub_output
if !empty(l:line)
" The arguments must be '-Ifilename', not '-I filename'
call add(l:import_list, '-I' . ale#Escape(l:line))
return 'dmd '. join(l:import_list) . ' -o- -wi -vcolumns -c %t'
function! ale_linters#d#dmd#Handle(buffer, lines) abort
" Matches patterns lines like the following:
" /tmp/tmp.qclsa7qLP7/file.d(1): Error: function declaration without return type. (Note that constructors are always named 'this')
" /tmp/tmp.G1L5xIizvB.d(8,8): Error: module weak_reference is in file 'dstruct/weak_reference.d' which cannot be read
let l:pattern = '^[^(]\+(\([0-9]\+\)\,\?\([0-9]*\)): \([^:]\+\): \(.\+\)'
let l:output = []
for l:match in ale#util#GetMatches(a:lines, l:pattern)
call add(l:output, {
\ 'lnum': l:match[1],
\ 'col': l:match[2],
\ 'type': l:match[3] is# 'Warning' ? 'W' : 'E',
\ 'text': l:match[4],
return l:output
call ale#linter#Define('d', {
\ 'name': 'dmd',
\ 'executable': 'dmd',
\ 'command_chain': [
\ {'callback': 'ale_linters#d#dmd#DUBCommand', 'output_stream': 'stdout'},
\ {'callback': 'ale_linters#d#dmd#DMDCommand', 'output_stream': 'stderr'},
\ ],
\ 'callback': 'ale_linters#d#dmd#Handle',