70 Commits (b0cb820c5355244d80395a0f9452e640e49ca71c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
amix 78f522f1cb Go to the last position in files 7 years ago
amix 91ebc3ca0d Simplify the right side of the lightline status bar 7 years ago
amix 31d077d82a Replace airline with lightline (much better perfomance) 7 years ago
amix b17bde0bae Set peaksea as the default theme everywhere 7 years ago
amix f343b66088 Updated plugins 7 years ago
Nico Ekkart 39ffe2d5ef Fixed minor typo in basic.vim 8 years ago
Julio Pescador 10ed7781d1 Adding column number to status line 8 years ago
amix ad875b0e0a A small update to (Python) 8 years ago
amix 4b45bb33c2 Updated plugins 8 years ago
dragonxlwang 4dc4017f69 enable search with visual selection with highlight 8 years ago
amix c3d05a7b1c fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/118 8 years ago
amix b69c94e781 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/128 8 years ago
Moriarty!~~ 4b2dafc26a the font name setting for the GTK+ 2 GUI. 8 years ago
amix 3aabd8befd Updated plugins, added extra configs to make Syntastic work with Go 8 years ago
amix 768c72a3ed Default to Hack font 8 years ago
Daniel Gitelson e7228660f0 Enable jumping to the last position in file on open 8 years ago
Roy Ling e3948c7552 key bindings for :bnext and :bprev 8 years ago
amix b1ffcf08ba By default disable the git gutter (and toggle it via <leader>d) 8 years ago
amix be8e101b68 By default dont show the hidden files in NerdTree 8 years ago
amix 9a2843c2a5 Smaller changes to the core vimrcs 8 years ago
Anton Strömkvist 5af76b8958 en => endif 8 years ago
amix d195ccb777 Updated vim plugins 9 years ago
amix 00f043f0de Updated vim plugins. Nerd tree is on the right by default 9 years ago
amix fe77d23852 Updated plugins. Removed the tabstop merge that 010c2940ce introduced 9 years ago
Dennis Hodapp 7267320d1d Add support for mouse if it is available 9 years ago
sota1235 55f4102619 fix vimrc/basic.vim | デフォルトのタブを4に設定 9 years ago
Liu Shuai 89ce0dc5dd prevent auto restore last edit position for git commit msg. 9 years ago
Jesper Lyager Nielsen 3278820a5d Added 'tablast' to toggle between tabs using <leader>tl. 9 years ago
amix 2a9908e4f0 Updated plugins 9 years ago
shenchsh 2a769e6cb0 avoid the garbled characters in Chinese language windows OS 9 years ago
amix ac3ef260c8 Removed PeepOpen (CTRLp is much better) 10 years ago
Jeremy Carrier e64e0f1618 Fixed issue #48 regarding snippet expansion brake 10 years ago
amix 497b5aa4fb Use syntastic instead of pyflakes (supports a ton of more languages) 10 years ago
amix 8265dca5d5 Updated plugins. Switched to Ack as standard search tool (much better than grep/vimgrep) 10 years ago
Karl Coelho f2d64022f5 Fixed the pathogen error 10 years ago
amix b03dc8e510 Updated plugins 10 years ago
amix 5d177a21f6 Fixed some issues with terminal setup 10 years ago
amix 7654d5264c Added goyo.vim and vim-zenroom2 10 years ago
amix 6bce69df95 Added vim-zenroom: Remove all clutter and focus only on the essential. Similar to iA Writer or Write Room 10 years ago
amix 08a64d943d Updated plugins. Fixed some issues related to empty space and peaksea. Using Source Code Pro as default font 10 years ago
amix 86f4456be1 Updated all the plugins. Removed powerline. Added vim-airline (replacement for powerline). Added vim-fugitive. 10 years ago
Szilveszter Székely 03d4dae0e4 Fix conditional in vimrcs/extended.vim 10 years ago
amix a817e88e35 Revert overriding CTRL-A (instead we use CTRL+S) 11 years ago
amix 8b5bc388b0 Added two new plugins: vim-expand-region and vim-multiple-cursors. 11 years ago
amix 67a1baaae3 Fixed some things in peaksea (regarding omni menu and folding in terminal mode). Optimized a bit colors for powerline 11 years ago
amix 0087ef8f9b Reverted powerline version. Increased font size 11 years ago
amix 3f1cdba799 Updated all plugins that are non-forked. Added some new plugins. 11 years ago
amix 9d45f6a18c Remove scrollbars from the gui version of VIM (guioptions-=rRlL). Add a bit extra margin to the left in each buffer (foldcolumn=1). 11 years ago
amix efbf62f6d6 Updated pathogen source 11 years ago
amix 20c294daba Done smaller changes to basic.vim and plugins_config.vim 11 years ago