67 Commits (950b470eb9aa555b7b8a89ba294ce9fc8f7a56e6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Amir 950b470eb9 Added jedi-vim 5 months ago
Amir e4932424f0 feat: Added mappings to copy the link to the line of a Git repository to the clipboard 1 year ago
Sun Jiayu c6794a9227
plugin update change repo (#659) 1 year ago
TLDay 2061759d3c
change tlib's repo address (#650) 2 years ago
Amir 97fed613a7 Added the Dracula colors scheme and use it as the default 2 years ago
Shamanaitor ff31be3f45
Feature/vim indent guides (#608) 2 years ago
luc da40fe1222 feat: include editorconfig-vim plugin 2 years ago
Amir 8e54cbc92e Use MRU.vim plugin for accessing most recently used files 2 years ago
Amir 708e4f0d48 Replace mru.vim with CtrlPMRU 3 years ago
Amir d98c510eee Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/pull/563/files 3 years ago
amix 010fe6869f Fixed the path of vim-markdown in the readme file 3 years ago
amix 5d11b237a3 Fix https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/453 3 years ago
amix 44bc76b209 Removed snipmate-snippets 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic c30a27a14d Removed comfortable-motion.vim 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic b58d3ab136 Remove vim-go 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 2f70f3ad17 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/541 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 966965a156 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/546 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 97e3db7fe9 Added and updated some plugins 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 01890d8b5d Added gist-vim 3 years ago
maxb d8d4f89bd3 Update rust.vim from deprecated repo to rust-lang repo and add to update_plugins.py (#410) 3 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 523f1b6ca2 Added auto-pairs, lightline-ale and comfortable-motion.vim 5 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 66ece5a119 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/334 5 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 7c643a2d9c Removed syntastic and replaced it with ale 5 years ago
Amir Salihefendic 8eeefe86c2 Updated plugins and added vim-markdown 5 years ago
amix 53894de44b Replace YanRing with yank-stack and update plugins 5 years ago
Joseph Waggy bf9657fc91
Can now use python2 or python3 interchangeably. 5 years ago
amix 2ca843a22a Use YankRing instead of yankstack 5 years ago
amix e9aac9794b Updated plugins, also experimenting with a new font 5 years ago
amix 71ca6d0ec8 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/325 6 years ago
amix 2ef74326f0 Fixed https://github.com/tpope/tpope-vim-abolish 6 years ago
amix 391f8b5c06 Updated vim plugins 6 years ago
amix 48a2c325c3 Updated plugins and added vim-abolish 6 years ago
amix c4fbfe8aa8 Fixed https://github.com/amix/vimrc/issues/246 6 years ago
amix 50ae0a55f6 Removed ack.vim 6 years ago
amix 23ba938b6d Revert "Added the auto-pairs plugin" 7 years ago
amix 1f99361484 Added the auto-pairs plugin 7 years ago
amix 31d077d82a Replace airline with lightline (much better perfomance) 7 years ago
amix f343b66088 Updated plugins 7 years ago
Tonni 5d1fca4b44 Use ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim instead of unmaintained kien/ctrlp.vim 7 years ago
amix 71fc570357 Added a maintained version of nginx syntax. Removed vim-racer (buggy) 7 years ago
amix e81e42ec4d Updated plugins 7 years ago
amix 795a8fb80d Updated plugins and added vim-jade 7 years ago
amix 3b37bba6cd Updated plugins 7 years ago
amix d7752b59ae Updated vimrc 8 years ago
Daniel Julius Lasiman d0eb16db58 Improve download speed of update plugin script 8 years ago
amix a304deea56 Updated plugins 8 years ago
Alexander Fomin d3fd0cf632 Make update_plugin.py script compatible with Python 3 9 years ago
amix 8f0740e307 Updated plugins. Added vim-golang as a mode 9 years ago
amix 0d8e7370bd Added vim-commentary and updarted the plugins. 9 years ago
amix 497b5aa4fb Use syntastic instead of pyflakes (supports a ton of more languages) 9 years ago