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Replace python-requests with urllib.request (#717)

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Wu Tingfeng 2022-11-21 17:11:47 +08:00 committed by GitHub
parent 9bab0e48c8
commit 09d062a0a1
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@ -68,10 +68,6 @@ Just do a git rebase!
git pull --rebase
python update_plugins.py # use python3 if python is unavailable
NOTE: If you get `ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'requests'`, you must first install the `requests` python module using `pip`, `pip3`, or `easy_install`.
pip install requests
## Some screenshots
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@ -7,11 +7,11 @@ except ImportError:
futures = None
import re
import zipfile
import shutil
import tempfile
import requests
import urllib.request
import zipfile
from io import BytesIO
from os import path
# --- Globals ----------------------------------------------
@ -71,16 +71,12 @@ SOURCE_DIR = path.join(path.dirname(__file__), "sources_non_forked")
def download_extract_replace(plugin_name, zip_path, temp_dir, source_dir):
temp_zip_path = path.join(temp_dir, plugin_name)
# Download and extract file in temp dir
req = requests.get(zip_path)
open(temp_zip_path, "wb").write(req.content)
with urllib.request.urlopen(zip_path) as req:
zip_f = zipfile.ZipFile(BytesIO(req.read()))
content_disp = req.headers.get("Content-Disposition")
zip_f = zipfile.ZipFile(temp_zip_path)
content_disp = req.headers.get("Content-Disposition")
filename = re.findall("filename=(.+).zip", content_disp)[0]
plugin_temp_path = path.join(temp_dir, path.join(temp_dir, filename))