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Here's the list of issues users had with `tpm`:
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> Nothing works. `tpm` key bindings `prefix + I`, `prefix + U` not even
[Issue #22](
Related [issue #22](
- Do you have required `tmux` version to run `tpm`?<br/>
Check `tmux` version with `$ tmux -V` command and make sure it's higher or
@ -14,10 +16,12 @@ Here's the list of issues users had with `tpm`:
- ZSH tmux plugin might be causing issues.<br/>
If you have it installed, try disabling it and see if `tpm` works then.
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> Help, I'm using custom config file with `tmux -f /path/to/my_tmux.conf`
to start Tmux and for some reason plugins aren't loaded!?
[Issue #57](
Related [issue #57](
`tpm` has a known issue when using custom config file with `-f` option.
The solution is to use alternative plugin definition syntax. Here are the steps
@ -40,15 +44,19 @@ to make it work:
The plugins should now be working.
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> Weird sequence of characters show up when installing or updating plugins
[Issue #25](
Related: [issue #25](
- This could be caused by [tmuxline.vim](
plugin. Uninstall it and see if things work.
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> "failed to connect to server" error when sourcing .tmux.conf
[Issue #48](
Related: [issue #48](
- Make sure `tmux source ~/.tmux.conf` command is ran from inside `tmux`.