Undeprecate 'set -g @tpm_plugins'

Bruno Sutic 8 years ago
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@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
- add `.gitattributes` file that forces linefeed characters (classic `\n`) as
line endings - helps with misconfigured git on windows/cygwin
- readme update: announce Cygwin support
- un-deprecate old plugin definition syntax: `set -g @tpm_plugins`
### v3.0.0, 2015-08-03
- refactor `shared_set_tpm_path_constant` function

@ -35,9 +35,6 @@ Reload TMUX environment so TPM is sourced:
That's it!
(**Note:** using `set -g @tpm_plugins` is deprecated, but still works alongside
new syntax.)
### Installing plugins
1. Add new plugin to `~/.tmux.conf` with `set -g @plugin '...'`

@ -14,6 +14,32 @@ Here's the list of issues users had with `tpm`:
- ZSH tmux plugin might be causing issues.<br/>
If you have it installed, try disabling it and see if `tpm` works then.
> Help, I'm using `tmux -f /path/to/my_tmux.conf` option to start Tmux and for
some reason plugins aren't loaded!?
[Issue #57](https://github.com/tmux-plugins/tpm/issues/57)
`tpm` has a known issue when using alternative config file with `-f` option.
The solution is to use alternative plugin definition. Here are the steps to
make it work:
1. remove all `set -g @plugin` lines from tmux config file
2. in the config file define the plugins in the following way:
# List of plugins
set -g @tpm_plugins ' \
tmux-plugins/tpm \
tmux-plugins/tmux-sensible \
tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect \
# Initialize TMUX plugin manager (keep this line at the very bottom of tmux.conf)
run '~/.tmux/plugins/tpm/tpm'
3. Reload TMUX environment so TPM is sourced: `$ tmux source /path/to/my_tmux.conf`
The plugins should now be working.
> Weird sequence of characters show up when installing or updating plugins
[Issue #25](https://github.com/tmux-plugins/tpm/issues/25)

@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ tpm_path() {
tpm_plugins_list_helper() {
# DEPRECATED: lists plugins from @tpm_plugins option
# lists plugins from @tpm_plugins option
echo "$(tmux start-server\; show-option -gqv "$tpm_plugins_variable_name")"
# read set -g @plugin "tmux-plugins/tmux-example-plugin" entries