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Bruno Sutic 2015-08-03 00:44:43 +02:00
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@ -30,13 +30,13 @@ source_plugins() {
# prefix + U - updates a plugin (or all of them) and reloads TMUX environment
# prefix + alt + u - remove unused TPM plugins and reloads TMUX environment
set_tpm_key_bindings() {
local install_key=$(get_tmux_option "$install_key_option" "$default_install_key")
local install_key="$(get_tmux_option "$install_key_option" "$default_install_key")"
tmux bind-key "$install_key" run-shell "$BINDINGS_DIR/install_plugins"
local update_key=$(get_tmux_option "$update_key_option" "$default_update_key")
local update_key="$(get_tmux_option "$update_key_option" "$default_update_key")"
tmux bind-key "$update_key" run-shell "$BINDINGS_DIR/update_plugins"
local clean_key=$(get_tmux_option "$clean_key_option" "$default_clean_key")
local clean_key="$(get_tmux_option "$clean_key_option" "$default_clean_key")"
tmux bind-key "$clean_key" run-shell "$BINDINGS_DIR/clean_plugins"