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updated README.md to mention strftime(3) peculiarities, closes #309

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@ -287,6 +287,15 @@ minutes whatever the value of `status-interval`.
[wttr.in]: https://github.com/chubin/wttr.in#one-line-output
Finally, remember `tmux_conf_theme_status_left` and
`tmux_conf_theme_status_right` end up being given to tmux as `status-left` and
`status-right` which means they're passed through `strftime()`. As such, the `%`
character has a special meaning and needs to be escaped by doubling it, e.g.
tmux_conf_theme_status_right='#(echo foo %% bar)'
See `man 3 strftime`.
### Accessing the macOS clipboard from within tmux sessions
[Chris Johnsen created the `reattach-to-user-namespace`