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added more vi key bindings

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Gregory Pakosz 2014-11-23 10:53:47 +01:00
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@ -108,6 +108,27 @@ bind Space last-window # move to last active window
bind m run "cut -c3- ~/.tmux.conf | sh -s toggle_mouse"
# -- list choice ---------------------------------------------------------------
bind -t vi-choice h tree-collapse
bind -t vi-choice l tree-expand
run 'tmux bind -t vi-choice K start-of-list 2> /dev/null'
run 'tmux bind -t vi-choice J end-of-list 2> /dev/null'
bind -t vi-choice H tree-collapse-all
bind -t vi-choice L tree-expand-all
bind -t vi-choice Escape cancel
# -- edit mode -----------------------------------------------------------------
# the following vi-copy bindings match my vim settings
# see https://github.com/gpakosz/.vim.git
bind -ct vi-edit H start-of-line
bind -ct vi-edit L end-of-line
bind -ct vi-edit q cancel
bind -ct vi-edit Escape cancel
# -- copy mode -----------------------------------------------------------------
bind Enter copy-mode # enter copy mode