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## [0.22.2](https://github.com/saltstack-formulas/sudoers-formula/compare/v0.22.1...v0.22.2) (2020-08-26)

### Bug Fixes

* **release.config.js:** use full commit hash in commit link [skip ci] ([551f300](551f300b4b))

### Continuous Integration

* **gemfile:** restrict `train` gem version until upstream fix [skip ci] ([b9dd8b1](b9dd8b1c0f))
* **gemfile.lock:** add to repo with updated `Gemfile` [skip ci] ([54e19fd](54e19fdd98))
* **kitchen:** avoid using bootstrap for `master` instances [skip ci] ([567ff29](567ff29b98))
* **kitchen:** use `debian-10-master-py3` instead of `develop` [skip ci] ([b8d5c0b](b8d5c0bfa1))
* **kitchen:** use `develop` image until `master` is ready (`amazonlinux`) [skip ci] ([9f217a2](9f217a2675))
* **kitchen:** use `saltimages` Docker Hub where available [skip ci] ([242f719](242f71956d))
* **kitchen+travis:** remove `master-py2-arch-base-latest` [skip ci] ([a2729d0](a2729d05eb))
* **kitchen+travis:** upgrade matrix after `2019.2.2` release [skip ci] ([e32be01](e32be015d6))
* **kitchen+travis:** use latest pre-salted images ([cd29502](cd2950289e))
* **travis:** add notifications => zulip [skip ci] ([7b5f0e9](7b5f0e95bf))
* **travis:** apply changes from build config validation [skip ci] ([08ca2a6](08ca2a6ebb))
* **travis:** merge `rubocop` linter into main `lint` job ([371bed2](371bed2d7a))
* **travis:** opt-in to `dpl v2` to complete build config validation [skip ci] ([43cf4c6](43cf4c6b45))
* **travis:** quote pathspecs used with `git ls-files` [skip ci] ([438ba3e](438ba3e5d4))
* **travis:** run `shellcheck` during lint job [skip ci] ([f87c4ba](f87c4baa30))
* **travis:** update `salt-lint` config for `v0.0.10` [skip ci] ([2fe682e](2fe682effc))
* **travis:** use `major.minor` for `semantic-release` version [skip ci] ([1fc0e95](1fc0e95f6a))
* **travis:** use build config validation (beta) [skip ci] ([5a6ed53](5a6ed537d6))
* **workflows/commitlint:** add to repo [skip ci] ([32ae435](32ae435463))

### Documentation

* **contributing:** remove to use org-level file instead [skip ci] ([67880a5](67880a513e))
* **readme:** update link to `CONTRIBUTING` [skip ci] ([9a36e1a](9a36e1a933))

### Performance Improvements

* **travis:** improve `salt-lint` invocation [skip ci] ([8314aa0](8314aa0df1))

### Tests

* **map:** verify `map.jinja` dump using `_mapdata` state ([63865a2](63865a286e))
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Set up ``sudo`` and the ``sudoers`` included files.

.. contents:: **Table of Contents**

General notes

See the full `SaltStack Formulas installation and usage instructions

If you are interested in writing or contributing to formulas, please pay attention to the `Writing Formula Section

If you want to use this formula, please pay attention to the ``FORMULA`` file and/or ``git tag``,
which contains the currently released version. This formula is versioned according to `Semantic Versioning <http://semver.org/>`_.

See `Formula Versioning Section <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/topics/development/conventions/formulas.html#versioning>`_ for more details.

Contributing to this repo

**Commit message formatting is significant!!**

Please see `How to contribute <https://github.com/saltstack-formulas/.github/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst>`_ for more details.

Available states

.. contents::


Set up the sudoers file


Set up an additional sudoers included file


Linux testing is done with ``kitchen-salt``.


* Ruby
* Docker

.. code-block:: bash

   $ gem install bundler
   $ bundle install
   $ bin/kitchen test [platform]

Where ``[platform]`` is the platform name defined in ``kitchen.yml``,
e.g. ``debian-9-2019-2-py3``.

``bin/kitchen converge``

Creates the docker instance and runs the ``sudoers`` main state, ready for testing.

``bin/kitchen verify``

Runs the ``inspec`` tests on the actual instance.

``bin/kitchen destroy``

Removes the docker instance.

``bin/kitchen test``

Runs all of the stages above in one go: i.e. ``destroy`` + ``converge`` + ``verify`` + ``destroy``.

``bin/kitchen login``

Gives you SSH access to the instance for manual testing.