sudoers saltstack formula
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- test
- commitlint
- name: release
if: branch = master AND type != pull_request
sudo: required
cache: bundler
language: ruby
- docker
# Make sure the instances listed below match up with
# the `platforms` defined in `kitchen.yml`
# NOTE: Please try to select up to six instances that add some meaningful
# testing of the formula's behaviour. If possible, try to refrain from
# the classical "chosing all the instances because I want to test on
# another/all distro/s" trap: it will just add time to the testing (see
# the discussion on #121). As an example, the set chosen below covers
# the most used distros families, systemd and non-systemd and the latest
# three supported Saltstack versions with python2 and 3."
# As for `kitchen.yml`, that should still contain all of the platforms,
# to allow for comprehensive local testing
# Ref:
# Ref:
- INSTANCE: default-debian-9-2019-2-py3
# - INSTANCE: default-ubuntu-1804-2019-2-py3
- INSTANCE: default-centos-7-2019-2-py3
# - INSTANCE: default-fedora-29-2019-2-py3
- INSTANCE: default-opensuse-leap-15-2019-2-py3
# - INSTANCE: default-debian-9-2018-3-py2
- INSTANCE: default-ubuntu-1604-2018-3-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-centos-7-2018-3-py2
- INSTANCE: default-fedora-29-2018-3-py2
# TODO: Use this when fixed instead of `opensuse-leap-42`
# Ref:
# - INSTANCE: default-opensuse-leap-15-2018-3-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-opensuse-leap-42-2018-3-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-debian-8-2017-7-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-ubuntu-1604-2017-7-py2
# TODO: Enable after improving the formula to work with other than `systemd`
- INSTANCE: default-centos-6-2017-7-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-fedora-28-2017-7-py2
# - INSTANCE: default-opensuse-leap-42-2017-7-py2
- bundle exec kitchen verify ${INSTANCE}
# Define the commitlint stage
- stage: commitlint
language: node_js
node_js: lts/*
before_install: skip
- npm install @commitlint/config-conventional -D
- npm install @commitlint/travis-cli -D
- commitlint-travis
# Define the release stage that runs semantic-release
- stage: release
language: node_js
node_js: lts/*
before_install: skip
# Update ``
- go get
- maintainer contributor
# Install all dependencies required for `semantic-release`
- npm install @semantic-release/changelog@3 -D
- npm install @semantic-release/exec@3 -D
- npm install @semantic-release/git@7 -D
provider: script
skip_cleanup: true
# Run `semantic-release`
- npx semantic-release@15