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Eric Veiras Galisson ee173b0041 refactor: convert map.jinja to new standards 3 years ago
Jessy e4501d10d3 added includedir as variable (mostly for FreeBSD) 6 years ago
abednarik 24e66ca8bf Remove dashes from variables. 6 years ago
Matthew X. Economou 672cd20672 Use correct pathname of visudo on FreeBSD 8 years ago
Niels Abspoel 052923a076 added opensuse support 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel c2265a81f6 Added archlinux support and improved lookup table 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 78b8323716 updated pillar lookup with map.jinja 9 years ago
Jason Wolfe 5f6395fc43 FreeBSD support with group 0 being wheel, clean up config-path 9 years ago
Kevin Bowling 8fa0d85ac9 Initial FreeBSD support 9 years ago
Andrew Vant c9230f1b14 Added Linux Mint support. 9 years ago
Robert Fairburn 6941d548fb Add support for Amazon Linux 9 years ago
Kenneth Wilke 8eb95cfcda start of sudoers formula 10 years ago