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noelmcloughlin 751eff7218 feat(ordering): optionally append includefiles to main config 2 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson c5acbc696a feat: implement option to purge included files directory 3 years ago
Imran Iqbal 8d08719844
feat(yamllint): include for this repo and apply rules throughout 4 years ago
Imran Iqbal d60487643e
docs: fix `CONTRIBUTING` and `README` 4 years ago
Sebastian Meyer 73d2d70dbb
Make management of the main sudoers config optional 5 years ago
9numbernine9 d5d68ea963 Add support for netgroups 5 years ago
Jessy e4501d10d3 added includedir as variable (mostly for FreeBSD) 5 years ago
John Szakmeister 78a06fd562 pillar.example: fix a small typo 9 years ago
Kevin Bowling f7f01e6714 Pillar whitespace 9 years ago
Robert Fairburn cd1ddcf25f allow for multiple lines for the same user or group 9 years ago
Robert Fairburn ac278d226c Extend defaults section of sudoers to permit the following: 9 years ago
Carlos Perelló Marín 461107d8db Added sudoers.included formula to manage included sudoers files 9 years ago
Kenneth Wilke 61a216de81 fleshed out template 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke 4f842bf457 includedir fix 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke be815275bb fixed pkgs variable 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke 8eb95cfcda start of sudoers formula 10 years ago