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@ -13,9 +13,10 @@ The `system` library provides easy access to system dependent information:
- `system.platform`: based on `inspec.platform`, modify to values that are more consistent from a SaltStack perspective
- `system.platform[:family]` provide a family name for Arch and Gentoo
- `system.platform[:name]` append `linux` to both `amazon` and `oracle`; ensure Windows platforms are resolved as simply `windows`
- `system.platform[:release]` tweak Arch, Amazon Linux, Gentoo and Windows:
- `system.platform[:release]` tweak Arch, Amazon Linux, Gentoo, openSUSE and Windows:
- `Arch` is always `base-latest`
- `Amazon Linux` release `2018` is resolved as `1`
- `Gentoo` release is trimmed to its major version number and then the init system is appended (i.e. `sysv` or `sysd`)
- `openSUSE` is resolved as `tumbleweed` if the `platform[:release]` is in date format
- `Windows` uses the widely-used release number (e.g. `8.1` or `2019-server`) in place of the actual system release version
- `system.platform[:finger]` is the concatenation of the name and the major release number (except for Ubuntu, which gives `ubuntu-20.04` for example)

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@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ class SystemResource < Inspec.resource(1)
# rubocop:disable Metrics/MethodLength
# rubocop:disable Metrics/MethodLength,Metrics/AbcSize,Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity
def build_platform_release
case inspec.platform[:name]
when 'amazon'
@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ class SystemResource < Inspec.resource(1)
when 'gentoo'
when 'opensuse'
# rubocop:disable Style/NumericLiterals,Layout/LineLength
inspec.platform[:release].to_i > 20210101 ? 'tumbleweed' : inspec.platform[:release]
# rubocop:enable Style/NumericLiterals,Layout/LineLength
when 'windows_8.1_pro'
when 'windows_server_2019_datacenter'
@ -63,15 +67,10 @@ class SystemResource < Inspec.resource(1)
# rubocop:enable Metrics/MethodLength
# rubocop:enable Metrics/MethodLength,Metrics/AbcSize,Metrics/CyclomaticComplexity
def derive_gentoo_init_system
case inspec.command('systemctl').exist?
when true
inspec.command('systemctl').exist? ? 'sysd' : 'sysv'
def build_platform_finger