sudoers saltstack formula
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name: sudoers
os: Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse, openSUSE
os_family: Debian, RedHat, Suse
chore(release): 0.24.0 [skip ci] # [0.24.0]( (2021-08-18) ### Continuous Integration * **gemfile+lock:** use `ssf` customised `inspec` repo [skip ci] ([4b05f27]( * add `arch-master` to matrix and update `.travis.yml` [skip ci] ([e8e046f]( * add Debian 11 Bullseye & update `yamllint` configuration [skip ci] ([5dd9f21]( * **3003.1:** update inc. AlmaLinux, Rocky & `rst-lint` [skip ci] ([9d3efc2]( * **kitchen:** move `provisioner` block & update `run_command` [skip ci] ([05bfba0]( * **kitchen+gitlab:** remove Ubuntu 16.04 & Fedora 32 (EOL) [skip ci] ([29df517]( ### Documentation * **readme:** fix heading [skip ci] ([f38e79a]( ### Features * **macro:** to use in several state ([70e66c9]( ### Tests * **_mapdata:** add verification file for `debian-11` [skip ci] ([72fa4c2]( * **alma+rocky:** add platforms (based on CentOS 8) [skip ci] ([5109ee0](
2 years ago
version: 0.24.0
release: 1
minimum_version: 2016.11
summary: Sudoers formula
description: Formula to configure sudo and the sudoers included files
top_level_dir: sudoers