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mirror of synced 2024-05-27 12:31:13 -04:00
Philip Hallstrom a22d980cdf Add option --no-color to suppress colorization of output
By default, if output is a TTY, dotbot will colorize the output. This
patch adds the option to pass `--no-color` to dotbot to have it suppress
this colorization.
2018-10-06 16:08:26 -07:00

67 lines
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import sys
from ..util.singleton import Singleton
from ..util.compat import with_metaclass
from .color import Color
from .level import Level
class Messenger(with_metaclass(Singleton, object)):
def __init__(self, level = Level.LOWINFO):
def set_level(self, level):
self._level = level
def use_color(self, yesno):
self._use_color = yesno
def log(self, level, message):
if (level >= self._level):
print('%s%s%s' % (self._color(level), message, self._reset()))
def debug(self, message):
self.log(Level.DEBUG, message)
def lowinfo(self, message):
self.log(Level.LOWINFO, message)
def info(self, message):
self.log(Level.INFO, message)
def warning(self, message):
self.log(Level.WARNING, message)
def error(self, message):
self.log(Level.ERROR, message)
def _should_use_color(self):
return self._use_color and sys.stdout.isatty()
def _color(self, level):
Get a color (terminal escape sequence) according to a level.
if not self._should_use_color():
return ''
elif level < Level.DEBUG:
return ''
elif Level.DEBUG <= level < Level.LOWINFO:
return Color.YELLOW
elif Level.LOWINFO <= level < Level.INFO:
return Color.BLUE
elif Level.INFO <= level < Level.WARNING:
return Color.GREEN
elif Level.WARNING <= level < Level.ERROR:
return Color.MAGENTA
elif Level.ERROR <= level:
return Color.RED
def _reset(self):
Get a reset color (terminal escape sequence).
if not self._should_use_color():
return ''
return Color.RESET