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Anish Athalye 582edd6bd3 Fix compatibility with Python 3
This patch removes a stray print statement that was causing problems
with Python 3.
2016-01-15 01:21:16 -05:00
Anish Athalye 47ad7f4d3b Use file extension to select config file parser
This patch makes Dotbot provide better error messages when parsing JSON
2016-01-13 13:46:41 -05:00
Anish Athalye c48d16cbce Use standard library JSON parser for JSON files
This patch reverts the changes to the README made in
57265f78b4 and makes it so that Dotbot
supports JSON files with tab characters.
2016-01-13 11:29:12 -05:00
Anish Athalye 4381c4cabb Use safe_load function to load YAML
In our use case, we are *not* reading arbitrary input that could be
malicious. Still, because we know that what we're reading is made up of
only dictionaries and lists and not arbitrary Python objects, we might
as well use the more restrictive `safe_load` function rather than the
`load` function.
2015-08-03 17:47:32 -07:00
Joshua Blum 56d8d05e77 Provide exception information when reading config 2015-04-24 18:33:13 -04:00
Anish Athalye 33d602bb93 Add YAML support
Add support for YAML format configuration files. In addition, this
commit adds instructions about YAML config files to the README, and it
also changes the README to encourage use of YAML instead of JSON.
2014-10-27 20:31:40 -04:00
Anish Athalye 60a560e976 Initial commit 2014-03-20 18:57:56 -04:00