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E. Keys 2ec7a24129 Add exclude parameter for link globbing
- Added `exclude` parameter to _link_. Now, an array of glob patterns
    can be given that will be used to remove items from a glob match.
    This parameter will only have an effect when `glob` is `true`.
- Updated README to add description for `exclude` and add in examples.

Resolves #247
2020-11-22 14:13:11 -05:00
Anish Athalye 5294594f5a Merge branch 'bobwhitelock/add-force-color-option' into master 2020-08-23 09:16:58 -04:00
Bob Whitelock 2432a2ba87 Add `--force-color` option
This forces Dotbot to produce colored output, regardless of whether it
is outputting to a TTY.

This is useful to support use cases such as piping colored Dotbot output
into another program for formatting (e.g. I want to indent the output as
part of a larger installation script); this was not previously easy to
do as this would cause the output to lose its colored formatting.

This option cannot be provided at the same time as the existing
`--no-color` option, as there's no logical interpretation of what effect
providing both of these should have.

As part of this change I've refactored some existing code determining
whether output should be colored to where options are parsed, as this
made this change simpler and I think it makes sense for all this logic
to be performed in the same place.
2020-08-23 00:02:26 +01:00
Anish Athalye 1d4f4348bb Release 1.17.1 2020-07-24 08:42:12 -04:00
Anish Athalye 98b87c16be Merge branch 'TimPansino/feature/module_run_support' 2020-07-24 08:41:51 -04:00
tpansin 322661dde1 Added support to run with python -m 2020-07-23 08:44:06 -07:00
Anish Athalye c5e709d433 Make error for empty config a little friendlier
In the setup guide in the README, we have people start out with an empty
file (created using `touch`). Before this patch, Dotbot gave the
following error:

    Configuration file must be a list of tasks

Instead, with this patch, Dotbot says:

    Configuration file is empty, no work to do

This change was prompted by
2020-06-25 16:07:23 -04:00
Anish Athalye 043373ea74 Standardize documentation for extended config
This patch adds parameter/explanation tables for the two other commands
that support extended configuration syntaxes, so now we have
identically-formatted tables for link, shell, and clean.

This change was prompted by
2020-06-19 20:31:43 -04:00
Anish Athalye 8f136ee73f Remove confusing example
Without an explanation of what's going on here, this example is
unnecessarily confusing. It's a neat example, but probably not worth
explaining this in Dotbot's README.

See https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/issues/224.
2020-06-19 20:02:03 -04:00
Anish Athalye f5e019105e Work around subprocess.call() issue on Windows
On POSIX-like systems, calling `subprocess.call()` with both
`shell=True` and `executable='...'` has the following behavior:

> If `shell=True`, on POSIX the _executable_ argument specifies a
> replacement shell for the default `/bin/sh`.

(via https://docs.python.org/3/library/subprocess.html?highlight=subprocess#popen-constructor)

This seems to have a similar behavior on Windows, but this is
problematic when a POSIX shell is substituted for cmd.exe. This is
because when `shell=True`, the shell is invoked with a '/c' argument,
which is the correct argument for cmd.exe but not for Bash, which
expects a '-c' argument instead. See here:
1def7754b7/Lib/subprocess.py (L1407)

This is problematic when combined with Dotbot's behavior, where the
`executable` argument is set based on `$SHELL`. For example, when
running in Git Bash, the `$SHELL` environment variable is set to Bash,
so any commands run by Dotbot will fail (because it'll invoke Bash with
a '/c' argument).

This behavior of setting the `executable` argument based on `$SHELL` was
introduced in 7593d8c134. This is the
desired behavior. See discussion in
https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/issues/97 and

Unfortunately, this doesn't work quite right on Windows. This patch
works around the issue by avoiding setting the `executable` argument
when the platform is Windows, which is tested using
`platform.system() == 'Windows'`. This means that shell commands
executed by Dotbot on this platform will always be run using cmd.exe.
Invocations of single programs or simple commands will probably work
just fine in cmd.exe. If Bash-like behavior is desired, the user will
have to write their command as `bash -c '...'`.

This shouldn't have any implications for backwards-compatibility,
because setting the `executable` argument on Windows didn't do the right
thing anyways. Previous workarounds that users had should continue to
work with the new code.

When using Python from CYGWIN, `platform.system()` returns something
like 'CYGWIN_NT-...', so it won't be detected with the check, but this
is the correct behavior, because CYGWIN Python's `subprocess.call()` has
the POSIX-like behavior.

This patch also refactors the code to factor out the
`subprocess.call()`, which was being called in both `link.py` and
`shell.py`, so the workaround can be applied in a single place.

See the following issues/pull requests for a discussion of this bug:
- https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/issues/170
- https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/pull/177
- https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/issues/219

An issue has also been raised in Python's issue tracker:
- https://bugs.python.org/issue40467

Thanks to @shivapoudel for originally reporting the issue, @SuJiKiNen
for debugging it and submitting a pull request, and @mohkale for
suggesting factoring out the code so that other plugins could use it.
2020-05-01 11:52:51 -04:00
Anish Athalye 7ffaa65482 Add --only and --except command-line arguments
Internal to Dotbot, we use the name "skip" instead of "except", because
the latter is a keyword, and using a name like "except_" didn't seem as
2020-03-26 11:23:07 -04:00
Anish Athalye 5d83f9e797 Upgrade PyYAML to 5.3 2020-01-06 20:11:22 -05:00
Anish Athalye 9281d120dd Release 1.17.0 2020-01-03 16:47:57 -05:00
Anish Athalye ec8498ffb8 Merge branch 'ypid/add/link_real_path_option' 2020-01-03 16:46:19 -05:00
Anish Athalye 320d5d0123 Add tests for canonicalize-path 2020-01-03 16:45:35 -05:00
Robin Schneider 138fdbc8d7
Add 'canonicalize-path' option to link
Dotbot had a hardcoded behaviour that the BASEDIR was always passed to
os.path.realpath which "returns the canonical path of the specified
filename, eliminating any symbolic links encountered in the path".

This might not always be desirable so this commit makes it configurable.

The use case where `canonicalize-path` comes in handy is the following:
You want to provide dotfiles in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard under
`/usr/local/share/ypid_dotfiles/`. Now you want to provide
`.config/dotfiles` as a default in `/etc/skel`. When you now
pre-configure `/etc/skel` by running dotbot in it set has HOME, dotfiles
will refer to `/usr/local/share/ypid_dotfiles/` and not
`/etc/skel/.config/dotfiles` which does not look nice.

This is related to but not the same as the `relative` parameter used
with link commands.
2020-01-03 22:35:13 +01:00
Anish Athalye 3fcc13d803 Update dates 2020-01-03 16:19:21 -05:00
Anish Athalye 6d24613b0b Unify Vagrant and Travis-CI tests
This patch makes the tests (including the test driver) run entirely
inside Vagrant, which avoids calling the very slow `vagrant` driver many
times for running the tests. On my machine, `./test` runs in 22 seconds,
down from hundreds of seconds prior to this patch.

This also has the nice side effect of matching how the Travis CI tests
were run, so there's no need for a separate `test_travis` anymore.
2020-01-03 15:34:46 -05:00
Anish Athalye 1e1885c45a Fix incorrect use of `is` over `==`
Comparing strings and integers with `is` is a bug: comparisons should be
done with `==`. It might not have caused observable problems in the past
because small integers and strings can be interned.
2020-01-03 15:31:24 -05:00
Anish Athalye a7ed166817 Add Python 3.8 to Travis tests 2020-01-03 14:00:13 -05:00
Anish Athalye e38e021ab3 Add option to clean recursively 2019-12-31 19:14:23 -05:00
Anish Athalye 81f0d74955 Fix clean not respecting defaults
Previously, clean read the defaults once, and then it updated the
setting for each entry it read. This resulted in the defaults being
clobbered and then not being respected for subsequent entries. This
patch fixes the issue by re-reading the defaults before processing each

The other plugins (link, shell) do not have this problem.
2019-12-31 14:47:32 -05:00
Anish Athalye a7bfce3e23 Merge branch 'apuignav/ignore-missing' 2019-12-31 14:26:26 -05:00
Albert Puig eabd84bce1 Add ignore-missing option to link 2019-12-31 14:25:53 -05:00
Anish Athalye a8380f6496 Migrate to travis-ci.com 2019-12-28 10:44:24 -05:00
Anish Athalye 2c8a0431ed Bump PyYAML version to 5.1.2 2019-11-20 10:47:10 -05:00
Anish Athalye 8667b75a73 Add example of conditional link 2019-11-14 16:30:47 -05:00
Anish Athalye 7f97a6c6d0 Make list more compact 2019-11-12 15:01:03 -05:00
Anish Athalye 2c27655500 Merge branch 'jesseleite/readme-organization' 2019-11-12 13:44:49 -05:00
Jesse Leite daf3a7c483 Add table of contents and organize headings a bit 2019-11-12 13:44:28 -05:00
Anish Athalye 2dc876cd65 Merge branch 'paulohefagundes/remove_which' 2019-11-09 12:40:20 -05:00
Paulo Fagundes d2913e6cee Replace `which` with `command -v`
Some distributions such as Arch Linux no longer install `which` by
default through the base package (see

The maintainers have explained why `command -v` is superior:
2019-11-09 12:38:01 -05:00
Anish Athalye 5bb3c8a343 Release 1.16.0 2019-10-12 12:02:40 -04:00
Anish Athalye 04c113b5b8 Merge branch 'jesseleite/create-directive' 2019-10-12 11:55:18 -04:00
Jesse Leite 5a0f6676d4 Add 'create' directive to create directories 2019-10-12 11:55:09 -04:00
Anish Athalye 32741ea0ca Switch to more recent version of Debian 2019-10-12 10:36:35 -04:00
Anish Athalye cdef01e9c4 Merge branch 'darsh12/master' 2019-09-17 08:35:08 -04:00
Darshan Patel d6975dc660 Add instructions to ignore dirty commits 2019-09-17 08:34:58 -04:00
Anish Athalye d20984f5ac Remove explicit specification of environment 2019-08-18 14:25:04 -04:00
Anish Athalye 4ca0cb5445 Update Travis CI config
- Use Xenial for all tests
- Drop support for Python 3.2 and Python 3.3
2019-08-18 14:17:55 -04:00
Anish Athalye 9a8d292681 Make launcher prefer python over python3
This patch makes the launcher script prefer `python`, when present, over
`python3`. This way, the launcher uses the user's preferred `python`
(which is often set up as a symbolic link to a particular python2.x or
python3.x), when available.
2019-06-26 15:00:07 -04:00
Anish Athalye 8454021d66 Merge branch 'ronalabraham/patch-1' 2019-06-05 14:32:53 -04:00
ronalabraham 017c70b5b0
Change `target` to `source` for consistency with docs 2019-06-04 15:20:00 -04:00
ronalabraham c97472bc27
Fix `path` parameter's docs for linking feature 2019-06-04 14:42:21 -04:00
Anish Athalye b062aeaf15 Simplify README
This patch removes JSON examples from the README.
2019-02-06 09:30:49 -05:00
Anish Athalye cd04d886fe Update dates 2019-01-09 20:46:21 -05:00
Anish Athalye fa33cda9e6 Add Python 3.7 to Travis CI tests 2019-01-09 20:45:31 -05:00
Anish Athalye 5d74f29001 Release 1.15.0 2018-11-21 19:52:03 -05:00
Anish Athalye 5e2d40939e Merge branch 'thtliife/suppress-shell-cmd' 2018-11-21 19:50:46 -05:00
Anish Athalye dc05786693 Add test 2018-11-21 19:50:32 -05:00