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Document how to run the unit tests locally

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When preparing a patch, it's recommended that you add unit tests
that demonstrate the bug is fixed (or that the feature works).
You can run the tests on your local machine by installing the `dev` extras.
The steps below do this using a virtual environment:
# Create a local virtual environment
$ python -m venv .venv
# Activate the virtual environment
# Cygwin, Linux, and MacOS:
$ . .venv/bin/activate
# Windows Powershell:
$ & .venv\Scripts\Activate.ps1
# Update pip and setuptools
(.venv) $ python -m pip install -U pip setuptools
# Install dotbot and its development dependencies
(.venv) $ python -m pip install -e .[dev]
# Run the unit tests
(.venv) $ tox
If you have any questions about anything, feel free to [ask][email]!