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Make Linker check for existence of targets

Linker now reports an error when links are configured to point to
nonexistent targets. This fixes the old behavior where Linker silently
created invalid links.
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Anish Athalye 2014-07-15 18:25:53 -07:00
parent 4feb4845e8
commit a97096ef96
1 changed files with 11 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -55,10 +55,11 @@ class Linker(Executor):
success = False
source = os.path.join(self._base_directory, source)
if not self._exists(link_name) and self._is_link(link_name):
if (not self._exists(link_name) and self._is_link(link_name) and
self._link_destination(link_name) != source):
self._log.warning('Invalid link %s -> %s' %
(link_name, self._link_destination(link_name)))
elif not self._exists(link_name):
elif not self._exists(link_name) and self._exists(source):
self._log.lowinfo('Creating link %s -> %s' % (link_name, source))
os.symlink(source, os.path.expanduser(link_name))
success = True
@ -66,9 +67,16 @@ class Linker(Executor):
'%s already exists but is a regular file or directory' %
elif self._link_destination(link_name) != source:
elif self._is_link(link_name) and self._link_destination(link_name) != source:
self._log.warning('Incorrect link %s -> %s' %
(link_name, self._link_destination(link_name)))
elif not self._exists(source):
if self._is_link(link_name):
self._log.warning('Nonexistant target %s -> %s' %
(link_name, source))
self._log.warning('Nonexistant target for %s : %s' %
(link_name, source))
self._log.lowinfo('Link exists %s -> %s' % (link_name, source))
success = True