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Account for MacOS and Windows temp directory issues

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Kurt McKee 2022-05-13 10:43:29 -05:00
parent ee3646bba3
commit 59b1b85d07
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@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
import ctypes
import json
import os
import shutil
@ -20,6 +21,20 @@ except ImportError:
import mock # noqa: module not found
def get_long_path(path):
"""Get the long path for a given path."""
# Do nothing for non-Windows platforms.
if sys.platform[:5] != "win32":
return path
buffer_size = 1000
buffer = ctypes.create_unicode_buffer(buffer_size)
get_long_path_name = ctypes.windll.kernel32.GetLongPathNameW
get_long_path_name(path, buffer, buffer_size)
return buffer.value
# Python 2.7 compatibility:
# On Linux, Python 2.7's tempfile.TemporaryFile() requires unlink access.
# This list is updated by a tempfile._mkstemp_inner() wrapper,
@ -94,8 +109,35 @@ def rmtree_error_handler(_, path, __):
@pytest.fixture(autouse=True, scope="session")
def standardize_tmp():
r"""Standardize the temporary directory path.
On MacOS, `/var` is a symlink to `/private/var`.
This creates issues with link canonicalization and relative link tests,
so this fixture rewrites environment variables and Python variables
to ensure the tests work the same as on Linux and Windows.
On Windows in GitHub CI, the temporary directory may be a short path.
For example, `C:\Users\RUNNER~1\...` instead of `C:\Users\runneradmin\...`.
This causes string-based path comparisons to fail.
tmp = tempfile.gettempdir()
# MacOS: `/var` is a symlink.
tmp = os.path.abspath(os.path.realpath(tmp))
# Windows: The temporary directory may be a short path.
if sys.platform[:5] == "win32":
tmp = get_long_path(tmp)
os.environ["TMP"] = tmp
os.environ["TEMP"] = tmp
os.environ["TMPDIR"] = tmp
tempfile.tempdir = tmp
def root():
def root(standardize_tmp):
"""Create a temporary directory for the duration of each test."""
# Reset allowed_tempfile_internal_unlink_calls.