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All kinds contributions to Dotbot are greatly appreciated. For someone
unfamiliar with the code base, the most efficient way to contribute is usually
to submit a [feature request](#feature-requests) or [bug report](#bug-reports).
If you want to dive into the source code, you can submit a [patch](#patches) as
Feature Requests
Do you have an idea for an awesome new feature for Dotbot? Please [submit a
feature request][issue]. It's great to hear about new ideas.
If you are inclined to do so, you're welcome to [fork][fork] Dotbot, work on
implementing the feature yourself, and submit a patch. In this case, it's
*highly recommended* that you first [open an issue][issue] describing your
enhancement to get early feedback on the new feature that you are implementing.
This will help avoid wasted efforts and ensure that your work is incorporated
into the code base.
Bug Reports
Did something go wrong with Dotbot? Sorry about that! Bug reports are greatly
When you [submit a bug report][issue], please include relevant information such
as Dotbot version, operating system, configuration file, error messages, and
steps to reproduce the bug. The more details you can include, the easier it is
to find and fix the bug.
Before working on substantial changes to the code base, it is *highly
recommended* that you first [open an issue][issue] describing what you intend
to work on.
**Patches are generally submitted as pull requests.** Patches are also
[accepted over email][email].
Any changes to the code base should follow the style and coding conventions
used in the rest of the project. The version history should be clean, and
commit messages should be descriptive and [properly
If you have any questions about anything, feel free to [ask][email]!
[issue]: https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/issues/new
[fork]: https://github.com/anishathalye/dotbot/fork
[email]: mailto:me@anishathalye.com
[commit-messages]: http://tbaggery.com/2008/04/19/a-note-about-git-commit-messages.html

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@ -238,6 +238,12 @@ of the YAML configuration given above. The conventional name for this file is
Do you have a feature request, bug report, or patch? Great! See
[CONTRIBUTING.md][contributing] for information on what you can do about that.
@ -246,5 +252,6 @@ Copyright (c) 2014 Anish Athalye. Released under the MIT License. See
[template]: https://github.com/anishathalye/dotfiles_template
[git-install]: tools/git-submodule/install
[license]: LICENSE.md
[managing-dotfiles-post]: http://www.anishathalye.com/2014/08/03/managing-your-dotfiles/
[contributing]: CONTRIBUTING.md
[license]: LICENSE.md