Added ssh config and gpg config

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Eric Renfro 2024-04-08 19:06:09 -04:00
parent 8cce6f1301
commit ff469b2ddc
Signed by: psi-jack
SSH Key Fingerprint: SHA256:1TKB8Z257L8EHK8GWNxKgMhD8a+FAR+f+j3nnlcuNVM
2 changed files with 16 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -6,5 +6,5 @@ auto-key-locate local
# It will disable options before this marked block, but it will
# never change anything below these lines.
default-key 3159FF4CB13EBFB4
default-key 3159FF4CB13EBFB4

.ssh/config Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
#ControlMaster auto
#ControlPath ~/.ssh/controlmasters/%r@%h:%p
CanonicalizeHostname yes
CanonicalDomains home.ld
CanonicalizeMaxDots 1
CanonicalizeFallbackLocal yes
GSSAPIAuthentication no
GSSAPIDelegateCredentials no
Include config.d/*.inc
IdentityAgent /run/user/%i/gnupg/S.gpg-agent.ssh
#RemoteForward /run/user/%i/gnupg/S.gpg-agent /run/user/%i/gnupg/S.gpg-agent.extra