Simple web UI to manage OpenVPN users.
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# openvpn-admin
usage: openvpn-admin [<flags>]
2 years ago
--help Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man)."" host for openvpn-admin
--listen.port="8080" port for openvpn-admin
--role="master" server role master or slave""
url for master server
--master.basic-auth.user="" user for basic auth on master server url
password for basic auth on master server url
--master.sync-frequency=600 master host data sync frequency in seconds.
--master.sync-token=TOKEN master host data sync security token
--ovpn.server=HOST:PORT ... host(s) for openvpn server""
network for openvpn server
--mgmt=main= ...
comma separated (alias=address) for openvpn servers mgmt interfaces
--metrics.path="/metrics" URL path for surfacing collected metrics
--easyrsa.path="/mnt/easyrsa" path to easyrsa dir
2 years ago
path to easyrsa index file.
--ccd.path="/mnt/ccd" path to client-config-dir
--auth.password Enable additional password authorization.
Database path fort password authorization.
--static.path="./static" path to static dir
--debug Enable debug mode.
--verbose Enable verbose mode.
--version Show application version.