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Eric Veiras Galisson 1a59d4e99a feat: implementing semantic release 4 years ago
Imran Iqbal 07a1b127ec
Merge pull request #50 from daks/kitchen-tests 4 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson 1774df001e feat: implementing kitchen tests and activate them on travis 4 years ago
Anthony Martinet d8a0e12abf fix(macros) 4 years ago
Anthony Martinet a1b88a9845 fix(macros) 4 years ago
Alkivi 70e66c97be feat(macro): to use in several state 4 years ago
Javier Bértoli 00480b992c
Merge pull request #47 from asenci/fix_issue_25 5 years ago
Andre Sencioles b925a00048 Fix issue #25 5 years ago
Niels Abspoel 2fa535ec3a
Merge pull request #43 from ze42/dictsort 5 years ago
Niels Abspoel 398398f793
Merge pull request #46 from netzvieh/main_sudoers_optional 5 years ago
Sebastian Meyer 73d2d70dbb
Make management of the main sudoers config optional 5 years ago
Niels Abspoel 76a3db1b3b
Merge pull request #44 from 9numbernine9/feature/add-netgroup-support 5 years ago
9numbernine9 d5d68ea963 Add support for netgroups 5 years ago
Adrien "ze" Urban bc62b6e567 dictsort: ensure the dict order is stable 5 years ago
N 1a46975212
Merge pull request #39 from jasonvoor/master 5 years ago
Jessy e4501d10d3 added includedir as variable (mostly for FreeBSD) 5 years ago
Niels Abspoel 91d2af4de6 Merge pull request #37 from Perceptyx/fix_included_reference 6 years ago
Alejandro Bednarik ae1b5dab1b Update include.sls with correct execprefix reference 6 years ago
Niels Abspoel 10d7127c9a Merge pull request #36 from Perceptyx/remove_dashes_from_variables 6 years ago
abednarik 24e66ca8bf Remove dashes from variables. 6 years ago
Brian Jackson 93883cdcb6 Merge pull request #29 from irtnog/fix-visudo-path-freebsd 7 years ago
Matthew X. Economou 672cd20672 Use correct pathname of visudo on FreeBSD 7 years ago
puneet kandhari f46d2ca228 Merge pull request #28 from durchblicker/master 7 years ago
Roman Reitschmied 8d3f4d9894 add sudoers check with visudo as proposed here: 7 years ago
Nitin Madhok 2045591a9d Merge pull request #24 from aboe76/opensuse_support 8 years ago
Niels Abspoel 052923a076 added opensuse support 8 years ago
Wolodja Wentland 4098e46527 Merge pull request #22 from smlloyd/master 9 years ago
Simon Lloyd 34f3aed102 Fix overwriting dictionary with pillar data. 9 years ago
Seth House 1ecdcc5a9b Merge pull request #21 from rfairburn/master 9 years ago
Robert Fairburn 3db683d657 Fixes escaped spaces in users/groups 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok a191934544 Merge pull request #20 from aboe76/pillar_lookup_map 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel c2265a81f6 Added archlinux support and improved lookup table 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 78b8323716 updated pillar lookup with map.jinja 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok 0a1fab9f8a Merge pull request #19 from smlloyd/master 9 years ago
Simon Lloyd ffc287bf34 included_files default changed to empty dict. 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok a3d228bb05 Merge pull request #18 from ymage/patch-2 9 years ago
ymage e732663da9 Revert change 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok 9ec75d1cd8 Merge pull request #16 from ymage/patch-1 9 years ago
ymage f9e8655284 Update sudoers 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok 4e579839c5 Merge pull request #15 from JaseFace/master 9 years ago
Jason Wolfe 5f6395fc43 FreeBSD support with group 0 being wheel, clean up config-path 9 years ago
David Boucha 7d216f395f Merge pull request #14 from jszakmeister/fix-typo-in-pillar-example 9 years ago
John Szakmeister 78a06fd562 pillar.example: fix a small typo 9 years ago
Forrest 36744c92de Merge pull request #13 from kev009/master 9 years ago
Kevin Bowling 8fa0d85ac9 Initial FreeBSD support 9 years ago
Kevin Bowling f7f01e6714 Pillar whitespace 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok 4f3761301e Merge pull request #12 from andrew-vant/mintsupport 9 years ago
Andrew Vant c9230f1b14 Added Linux Mint support. 9 years ago
Nitin Madhok f6af37072c Merge pull request #11 from andrew-vant/sudoers-defaults 9 years ago
Andrew Vant 8bf6d6711f Fixed default permissions for Debian-based distributions. 9 years ago