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# [0.13.0](https://github.com/saltstack-formulas/logrotate-formula/compare/v0.12.0...v0.13.0) (2022-01-14)

### Continuous Integration

* **gemfile+lock:** use `ssf` customised `inspec` repo [skip ci] ([27829b8](27829b8969))
* **kitchen:** move `provisioner` block & update `run_command` [skip ci] ([42bde9c](42bde9c5f5))
* **kitchen:** use `cron-formula` dependency instead of `cron` state ([4cf2808](4cf2808840))
* **kitchen+ci:** update with `3004` pre-salted images/boxes [skip ci] ([bacce6e](bacce6ea89))
* **kitchen+ci:** update with latest `3003.2` pre-salted images [skip ci] ([e6ee323](e6ee323f87))
* **kitchen+ci:** update with latest CVE pre-salted images [skip ci] ([a1dd441](a1dd4415e5))
* add Debian 11 Bullseye & update `yamllint` configuration [skip ci] ([0e63e18](0e63e188ef))

### Features

* **hourly:** add configuration to enable hourly jobs ([7b5676b](7b5676b9e2))
* **hourly:** add hourly job def to pillar.example ([cd4cd1d](cd4cd1d670))

### Tests

* **alma+rocky:** add platforms (finalise dc63042) [skip ci] ([e4ad016](e4ad016b97))
* **base:** re-enable Arch Linux test (possible due to `cron-formula`) ([2136711](2136711a12))
* **jobs:** add `hourly` test ([69677b0](69677b0c02))
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name: logrotate
os: Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse, openSUSE
os_family: Debian, RedHat, Suse
version: 0.13.0
release: 1
minimum_version: 2016.11
summary: logrotate formula
description: Formula to setup logrotate
top_level_dir: logrotate