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Install and configure logrotate on a machine.
The config files are per OS.
At the moment only Debian, RedHat, Scientific Linux and Archlinux supported with this formula
.. contents:: **Table of Contents**
General notes
See the full `SaltStack Formulas installation and usage instructions
If you are interested in writing or contributing to formulas, please pay attention to the `Writing Formula Section
If you want to use this formula, please pay attention to the ``FORMULA`` file and/or ``git tag``,
which contains the currently released version. This formula is versioned according to `Semantic Versioning <http://semver.org/>`_.
See `Formula Versioning Section <https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest/topics/development/conventions/formulas.html#versioning>`_ for more details.
Contributing to this repo
**Commit message formatting is significant!!**
Please see `How to contribute <https://github.com/saltstack-formulas/.github/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst>`_ for more details.
Available states
.. contents::
Installs the ``logrotate`` package and service/timer/cron.
Manages logrotate config and include dir.
Installs the logrotate package and its dependencies.
Create custom job for logrotate.
Manages the startup and running state of the logrotate service.
Linux testing is done with ``kitchen-salt``.
* Ruby
* Docker
.. code-block:: bash
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install
$ bin/kitchen test [platform]
Where ``[platform]`` is the platform name defined in ``kitchen.yml``,
e.g. ``debian-9-2019-2-py3``.
``bin/kitchen converge``
Creates the docker instance and runs the ``logrotate`` main state, ready for testing.
``bin/kitchen verify``
Runs the ``inspec`` tests on the actual instance.
``bin/kitchen destroy``
Removes the docker instance.
``bin/kitchen test``
Runs all of the stages above in one go: i.e. ``destroy`` + ``converge`` + ``verify`` + ``destroy``.
``bin/kitchen login``
Gives you SSH access to the instance for manual testing.