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## [0.11.3](https://github.com/saltstack-formulas/logrotate-formula/compare/v0.11.2...v0.11.3) (2020-03-22)

### Bug Fixes

* **release.config.js:** use full commit hash in commit link [skip ci] ([c79d42e](c79d42e0e0))

### Continuous Integration

* **gemfile:** restrict `train` gem version until upstream fix [skip ci] ([e6a2d52](e6a2d52a4c))
* **kitchen:** avoid using bootstrap for `master` instances [skip ci] ([6200869](6200869f7a))
* **kitchen:** ensure `cron` installed on `Debian` ([4401a20](4401a20671))
* **kitchen:** use `debian-10-master-py3` instead of `develop` [skip ci] ([7ba188f](7ba188f535))
* **kitchen:** use `develop` image until `master` is ready (`amazonlinux`) [skip ci] ([c4a1fa9](c4a1fa9f6f))
* **kitchen+travis:** upgrade matrix after `2019.2.2` release [skip ci] ([74ab7a1](74ab7a144d))
* **travis:** apply changes from build config validation [skip ci] ([4e65a71](4e65a7197b))
* **travis:** opt-in to `dpl v2` to complete build config validation [skip ci] ([05f9738](05f973872e))
* **travis:** quote pathspecs used with `git ls-files` [skip ci] ([b7ff28d](b7ff28d630))
* **travis:** run `shellcheck` during lint job [skip ci] ([b60e2ab](b60e2abf73))
* **travis:** update `salt-lint` config for `v0.0.10` [skip ci] ([a75723c](a75723cbe5))
* **travis:** use `major.minor` for `semantic-release` version [skip ci] ([d08d9bf](d08d9bfa06))
* **travis:** use build config validation (beta) [skip ci] ([ef455ff](ef455fffae))

### Documentation

* **contributing:** remove to use org-level file instead [skip ci] ([01493e9](01493e95a9))
* **readme:** update link to `CONTRIBUTING` [skip ci] ([d2ee252](d2ee2524cd))

### Performance Improvements

* **travis:** improve `salt-lint` invocation [skip ci] ([ebd94f0](ebd94f078e))
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name: logrotate
os: Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse, openSUSE
os_family: Debian, RedHat, Suse
version: 0.11.3
release: 1
minimum_version: 2016.11
summary: logrotate formula
description: Formula to setup logrotate
top_level_dir: logrotate