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InSpec Profile: share

This shows the implementation of the share InSpec profile.

Its goal is to share the libraries between all profiles.



The system library provides easy access to system dependent information:

  • system.platform: based on inspec.platform, modify to values that are more consistent from a SaltStack perspective
    • system.platform[:family] provide a family name for Arch and Gentoo
    • system.platform[:name] append linux to both amazon and oracle; ensure Windows platforms are resolved as simply windows
    • system.platform[:release] tweak Arch, Amazon Linux, Gentoo, openSUSE and Windows:
      • Arch is always base-latest
      • Amazon Linux release 2018 is resolved as 1
      • Gentoo release is trimmed to its major version number and then the init system is appended (i.e. sysv or sysd)
      • openSUSE is resolved as tumbleweed if the platform[:release] is in date format
      • Windows uses the widely-used release number (e.g. 8.1 or 2019-server) in place of the actual system release version
    • system.platform[:finger] is the concatenation of the name and the major release number (except for Ubuntu, which gives ubuntu-20.04 for example)