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Michael Schmitt cd4cd1d670
feat(hourly): add hourly job def to pillar.example 2 years ago
Imran Iqbal 86aed1ebae
feat(yamllint): include for this repo and apply rules throughout 4 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson 4ac8535dd7 new possibility to configure a job giving the raw content to store as a file 5 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson fb2890f6a7 adding Inspec tests ran with Kitchen and Vagrant on Debian Stretch 5 years ago
Vedran Lebo ac8ece84b7
Fixed jobs indentation 6 years ago
Gilles Dartiguelongue bc4b450e38 Fix default_config example in pillar.example 7 years ago
Gilles Dartiguelongue 3676ff6216 Add sample default_config to pillar.example 7 years ago
Enrique Garbi eb04125a55 path if mapping need to be list now 8 years ago
Enrique Garbi 1048a627ab Added a muktipath example on pillar.example file 8 years ago
Nicole Scherfenberg e70f0818d8 fixes issue #5 9 years ago
Bilge a93d84bcfe Remove quotes 9 years ago
Artem Karamyshev 7bf59896a3 Fix error in pillar.example 9 years ago
root 41d9b697cb fix pillar.example 9 years ago
root cfc24f6ead add support jobs 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 97faabaadf added pillar example to overwrite map.jinja 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 38808d6221 Initial commit to add all files 9 years ago