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Eric Veiras Galisson ef88f3d047 fix: corrected indentation on context in file.managed states 5 years ago
waynegemmell 235f677bc6
Updated to | json for backward compatibility 5 years ago
waynegemmell 06859f5fbb
Context data wrapped with tojson filter. 5 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson 0d039778f8 integrating patch from danny-smit, fixes #33 5 years ago
Eric Veiras Galisson 4ac8535dd7 new possibility to configure a job giving the raw content to store as a file 5 years ago
Gilles Dartiguelongue 0846ae41e3 Rename state identifiers 7 years ago
Gilles Dartiguelongue f0cf823177 Split init.sls into config, install and service 7 years ago
Andre Sencioles 6dd570ad43 No need to reload the service on configuration change 7 years ago
edwin fdfb263e09 Support multiple log path 8 years ago
Wolodja Wentland 624700a372 Use items() in lieu of iteritems() 8 years ago
Wolodja Wentland 6b15f6490c Define pillar default for logrotate:jobs 8 years ago
Nicole Scherfenberg e70f0818d8 fixes issue #5 9 years ago
nmadhok c335f5edbc Moving logrotate directory setup from jobs.sls and config.sls to init.sls. Closes #8 9 years ago
root e730dc8989 add return support lookup 9 years ago
root cfc24f6ead add support jobs 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 38808d6221 Initial commit to add all files 9 years ago