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Ildar Svetlov 627cbfddbb Enable Prometheus scraping metrics from Grafana metrics endpoint
Change-Id: Iefa86330cc9f23f7453a79979a8c34adab36a411
Related-Bug: PROD-18204
2018-03-06 15:52:15 +04:00
Guillaume Thouvenin 75f38cb940 Add local check for Grafana in Sensu
Change-Id: I4284ab5c06cf441be554f58ca95f3c507d2f5f60
2017-02-21 17:03:35 +01:00
Guillaume Thouvenin a8902b8c23 Pass the main dashboard through grains
This patch provides the main dashboard through grains. It is not the final
way to provide the main dashboard. It is more a workaround because we
don't know yet how to compose a dashboards with pieces split between
several formulas. We will probably use YAML pieces.
2016-12-09 10:27:54 +01:00
Simon Pasquier 777902ad8f Add collectd support 2016-11-04 12:06:32 +01:00
Ales Komarek 864908916e Structure overhaul 2015-12-04 16:43:48 +01:00