Updated galaxy metadata urls.

Eric Renfro 11 months ago
parent 1e29de8752
commit 62ba932e06
Signed by: psi-jack
GPG Key ID: 14977F3A50D9A5BF
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@ -43,16 +43,16 @@ tags: []
dependencies: {}
# The URL of the originating SCM repository
repository: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-consul.git
repository: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-hashicorp.git
# The URL to any online docs
documentation: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-consul/wiki
documentation: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-hashicorp/wiki
# The URL to the homepage of the collection/project
homepage: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-consul
homepage: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-hashicorp
# The URL to the collection issue tracker
issues: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-consul/issues
issues: https://git.linux-help.org/Linux-Help/debops-hashicorp/issues
# A list of file glob-like patterns used to filter any files or directories that should not be included in the build
# artifact. A pattern is matched from the relative path of the file or directory of the collection directory. This