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*AutoPairs.txt* Insert or delete brackets, parens, quotes in pair
Author: jiangmiao
License: MIT
CONTENTS *autopairs-contents*
1. Installation ............................. |autopairs-installation|
2. Features ..................................... |autopairs-features|
3. Fly Mode ..................................... |autopairs-fly-mode|
4. Shortcuts ................................... |autopairs-shortcuts|
5. Options ....................................... |autopairs-options|
6. Troubleshooting ...................... |autopairs-troubleshooting|
1. Introduction *autopairs-installation*
Copy `plugin/auto-pairs.vim` to `~/.vim/plugin`.
Or if you are using `pathogen`: >
git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/auto-pairs
2. Features *autopairs-features*
Insert in pair: >
input: [
output: [|]
Delete in pair: >
input: foo[<BS>]
output: foo
Insert new indented line after Return: >
input: {|} (press <CR> at |)
output: {
Insert spaces before closing characters, only for [], (), {}: >
input: {|} (press <SPACE> at |)
output: { | }
input: {|} (press <SPACE>foo} at |)
output: { foo }|
input: '|' (press <SPACE> at |)
output: ' |'
Skip ' when inside a word: >
input: foo| (press ' at |)
output: foo'
Skip closed bracket: >
input: []
output: []
Ignore auto pair when previous character is '\': >
input: "\'
output: "\'"
Fast Wrap: >
input: |'hello' (press (<M-e> at |)
output: ('hello')
Wrap string, only support c style string.
input: |'h\\el\'lo' (press (<M-e> at |)
output ('h\\ello\'')
input: |[foo, bar()] (press (<M-e> at |)
output: ([foo, bar()])
Quick jump to closed pair: >
(press } at |)
Support ```, ''' and """: >
Delete Repeated Pairs in one time: >
input: """|""" (press <BS> at |)
output: |
input: {{|}} (press <BS> at |)
output: |
input: [[[[[[|]]]]]] (press <BS> at |)
output: |
Fly Mode (|autopairs-flymode|): >
input: if(a[3)
output: if(a[3])| (In Fly Mode)
output: if(a[3)]) (Without Fly Mode)
(press } at |)
(then press <M-b> at | to do backinsert)
See |Fly Mode| section for details
3. Fly Mode *autopairs-flymode*
Fly Mode will always force closed-pair jumping instead of inserting. Only for
")", "}", "]". If jumps in mistake, you can use |g:AutoPairsBackInsert| (default
Key: <M-b>) to jump back and insert closed pair.
The most situation maybe you want to insert single closed pair in the string,
eg: >
Fly Mode is DISABLED by default. To enable Fly Mode add following to your
'.vimrc': >
let g:AutoPairsFlyMode = 1
Default Options: >
let g:AutoPairsFlyMode = 0
let g:AutoPairsShortcutBackInsert = '<M-b>'
4. Shortcuts *autopairs-shortcuts*
System Shortcuts:
<CR> : Insert new indented line after return if cursor in blank brackets
or quotes.
<BS> : Delete brackets in pair
<M-p>: Toggle Autopairs (|g:AutoPairsShortcutToggle|)
<M-e>: Fast Wrap (|g:AutoPairsShortcutFastWrap|)
<M-n>: Jump to next closed pair (|g:AutoPairsShortcutJump|)
<M-b>: BackInsert (|g:AutoPairsShortcutBackInsert|)
To rebind keys <M-p>, <M-e> or <M-n> or in case of conflicts with
another keys:
let g:AutoPairsShortcutToggle = '<another key>'
If the key is empty string '', then the shortcut will be disabled.
5. Options *autopairs-options*
|g:AutoPairs| dict
Default: >
{'(':')', '[':']', '{':'}',"'":"'",'"':'"', '`':'`'}
Specifies which symbols should be automatically paired.
To append new pairs without overwriting defaults, add values in your `.vimrc`.:
let g:AutoPairs['<']='>'
This example will enable matching of `<` with `>`.
|b:AutoPairs| dict
Default: |g:AutoPairs|
Buffer level pairs set.
You can set |b:AutoPairs| before |BufEnter|: >
au Filetype FILETYPE let b:AutoPairs = {"(": ")"}
This sets |AutoPairs| to only match for parenthesis for 'FILETYPE'.
|g:AutoPairsShortcutToggle| string
Default: <M-p>
The shortcut to toggle autopairs.
|g:AutoPairsShortcutFastWrap| string
Default: <M-e>
Fast wrap the word. All pairs will be considered as a block (including <>).
(|)'hello' after fast wrap at |, the word will be ('hello')
(|)<hello> after fast wrap at |, the word will be (<hello>)
|g:AutoPairsShortcutJump| string
Default: <M-n>
Jump to the next closed pair.
|g:AutoPairsShortcutBackInsert| string
Default: <M-b>
Work with |autopairs-flymode|, insert the key at the Fly Mode jumped position.
|g:AutoPairsMapBS| int
Default: 1
Map <BS> to delete brackets and quotes in pair, executes:
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <BS> <C-R>=AutoPairsDelete()<CR>
|g:AutoPairsMapCh| int
Default: 1
Map <C-h> to delete brackets and quotes in pair.
|g:AutoPairsMapCR| int
Default: 1
Map <CR> to insert a new indented line if cursor in (|), {|} [|], '|', "|".
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=AutoPairsReturn()<CR>
|g:AutoPairsCenterLine| int
Default: 1
When |g:AutoPairsMapCR| is on, center current line after return if the line
is at the bottom 1/3 of the window.
|g:AutoPairsMapSpace| int
Default: 1
Map <space> to insert a space after the opening character and before the
closing one.
inoremap <buffer> <silent> <CR> <C-R>=AutoPairsSpace()<CR>
|g:AutoPairsFlyMode| int
Default: 0
Set it to 1 to enable |autopairs-flymode|.
|g:AutoPairsMultilineClose| int
Default: 1
When you press the key for the closing pair (e.g. `)`) it jumps past it.
If set to 1, then it'll jump to the next line, if there is only 'whitespace'.
If set to 0, then it'll only jump to a closing pair on the same line.
6. Troubleshooting *autopairs-troubleshooting*
This plugin remaps keys `([{'"}]) <BS>`
If auto pairs cannot work, use |:imap| to check if the map is corrected.
The correct map should be: >
Or the plugin conflicts with some other plugins. Use command: >
:call AutoPairsInit() to remap the keys.
--- How to insert parens purely? ---
There are 3 ways:
1. Use Ctrl-V ) to insert paren without trigger the plugin.
2. Use Alt-P to turn off the plugin.
3. Use DEL or <C-O>x to delete the character insert by plugin.
--- Swedish Character Conflict ---
Because AutoPairs uses Meta(Alt) key as a shortcut, it conflicts with some
Swedish character such as å. To fix the issue, you need remap or disable the
related shortcut.