sudoers saltstack formula

Updated 2 months ago

saltstack formula for sudoers

Updated 2 months ago

Prometheus Second Generation SaltStack Formula

Updated 4 years ago

Grafana SaltStack Formula

Updated 9 months ago

Logrotate SaltStack Formula

Updated 2 months ago

Simple Doors for even advanced needs!

Updated 2 years ago

Borgmatic Base Template for new backup setups

Updated 3 months ago

Consul Ansible Collection for DebOps

Updated 9 months ago

systemd Integration for xfce-session

Updated 2 months ago

Common settings (all editions) for Garuda Linux

Updated 1 month ago

Simple web UI to manage OpenVPN users.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Generate an OpenVPN Connect private tunnel profile in the unified format

Updated 3 years ago