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13 Commits (1ae87ddb8a72d2cb95fb8b9e0f1d34f25db11864)

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Eric Veiras Galisson d5002c3c25 refactor: change pillar calls 3 years ago
Sebastian Meyer 73d2d70dbb
Make management of the main sudoers config optional 5 years ago
abednarik 24e66ca8bf Remove dashes from variables. 6 years ago
Matthew X. Economou 672cd20672 Use correct pathname of visudo on FreeBSD 8 years ago
Roman Reitschmied 8d3f4d9894 add sudoers check with visudo as proposed here: 8 years ago
Niels Abspoel c2265a81f6 Added archlinux support and improved lookup table 9 years ago
Niels Abspoel 78b8323716 updated pillar lookup with map.jinja 9 years ago
Jason Wolfe 5f6395fc43 FreeBSD support with group 0 being wheel, clean up config-path 9 years ago
Kevin Bowling 8fa0d85ac9 Initial FreeBSD support 9 years ago
Carlos Perelló Marín 461107d8db Added sudoers.included formula to manage included sudoers files 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke ffda08bc09 init.sls fix 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke be815275bb fixed pkgs variable 10 years ago
Kenneth Wilke 8eb95cfcda start of sudoers formula 10 years ago